[Installing Lingua Elettrica @ Artspace. Photos: Glen_O'Malley]

Lingua Elettrica: broadcast from Artspace

Lingua Elettrica incorporated Cu-Seeme video conferencing to explore the effects that remote interaction and delays in transmission have upon communication.

This page features post-event Cu-Seeme video feeds and documentation of the exhibtion at Artspace, Sydney, Australia, where the physical component of the exhibition resided. Also featured are images and animations uploaded to the Lingua Elettrica website during a live Cu-Seeme broadcast to ISEA97 (International Symposium of Electronic Art).

Images from Chicago broadcast

Lingua Elettrica: the loading bay @ Artspace

The loading bay sensor environment incorporated a series of sensors located on the wall, inside of cushions and on two copper balls. Objects including an electric tongue, false teeth and a mobile object thingy A microwave provided popcorn - instant food, the food you are having when you are not having food.

Artspace images