Lingua Elettrica is a web and gallery installation exhibited at Artspace Sydney and ISEA 97.

Lingua Elettrica integrates virtual processing systems with physical space. People visiting the installation at Artspace are able to trigger the content of the Lingua Elettrica web site, through their physical relation to sensors and objects suspended within the gallery. The sensors trigger scripts that reconfigure random compositions from the stored information. Movement and vicinity to the objects result in people altering the visual and aural conditions within the gallery as well as the content of the pages on the Lingua web site.

The web engine of Lingua Elettrica uploads images, animation, streaming video, audio and random artist pages. It triggers automatic re-routing scripts that continuously load different information and media in response to activity.

The result is a "reactive" rather than "interactive" work.... one that mirrors the events taking place in the physical space of the gallery and endeavors to question the concept of "interaction".

The front-end of this site features a once off live feed of the events at Artspace, Sydney, Australia, and of the coinciding Cu-seeme project ISEA 97, Chicago.

Scrolling over either video feed, or the | Broadcasts | link in the navigation bar, provides information on connecting to the Cu-seeme reflector to chat with people in the gallery and those participating in ISEA 97.

To optimally view this site you will need the following |plugins|, and we suggest Netscape Gold 3.01.

nervous_objects are an online collective of Australian artists. nervous_objects participating in Lingua Elettrica are:

Lisa Burnett

nervous_objects would like to thank the following artists, organisations and companies for their enthusiastic and generous support and assistance with Lingua Elettrica:

Lloyd Sharp
Fun With Fluids
Medium Cool
Virtual Artists
Australian Network for Art and Technology

Cairns City Council