The two states,shed and ruin are conjured parameters derivative of empirical mapping. Each event, operates within the shed/ruin sets.

Each night from January 24 - 31, a window was opened on work being developed by nervous_objects during their three week stay in Pekina, South Australia. The resulting mix of ideas, live performance and environmentally triggered image and sound works has been archived here.

Sun 24th shed shed ruin ruin ruin real audio broadcast [8pm -midnight CST]

channeling an invisible idea. intervening in the space of quiet. Everyday is all sensory and cognitive poetry. A live work driven by the wind, satellite data and gathered sounds from Pekina, South Australia.

Mon 25th shed shed ruin ruin shed live webcam broadcast [8pm - midnight CST]

applauding the rupture between day and night, a live webcam broadcast colliding reflections of phosphor and dust.

Tue 26th shed shed ruin ruin shed

Meta Journal [ 8pm - midnight CST]

Pluto is not a planet it's a pup, distance data catching.

Wed 27th shed shed ruin shed shed

Undoing the outside [ ongoing ]

linking the captured to the dynamics of the Outside

Thu 28th shed shed shed ruin ruin

Altitude arrives in flatspace [ ongoing ]

worm holes and altitude knit in the data block

Fri 29th shed shed shed ruin shed

The sound of vectors: [ ongoing ]

Between two points there is vibration

Sat 30th shed shed shed shed ruin Real time charting, [ 7.30pm - midnight CST ]

Real time charting, navigating by breezes.
The wind has come inside.

Sun 31st

shed shed shed shed shed

More real time charting, [ 7.30pm - midnight CST ]

Different wind, same terrain. The weather continues.

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